Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Goals

I've been busy and I expect things will get a bit harder to find time to post.  We're starting Tornado in Karate lessons 2x/week which is an addition to his NACD program.  I think it will help him learn how to act more typical by being around neurotypical kids rather than perseverating in his autistic characteristic behaviors.   I've also been worried about LaLa and I need to focus more attention towards her. 

I just wanted to put down my goals for the new year:
1 - The most  important one!  Play more with Tornado which is very hard for me to do since he doesn't play normally.
2 - Build up our Food Storage with more food items that helps us stay within the Real Foods Lifestyle.  Such as steel-cut oats and lemon juice for our breakfast rather than toxic cereal; various kinds of wheat for breads; etc.  We believe in being self-reliant as much as possible, there's so much peace that comes from having various reserves set aside.
3 - Learn how to make bread that everyone in our family will like and therefore add the ingredients to Food Storage.
4 - Grow a garden and put some away into Food Storage. Kick off a gardening carnival.
5 - Lastly, to add more healthy fats into my diet such as real butter, coconut oil, etc.