Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Story

Tornado had Dysbiosis 2 years ago.  What is Dysbiosis?  Basically the bad bacteria has overtaken the good bacteria in the digestive tract.  We all need both good and bad bacteria.  Good bacteria can be wiped out with antibiotics or eating a diet high in sugar, etc.  I read somewhere recently that about 70 percent of people have some kind of gut problem and most don't realize that it can be fixed.  I'm seeing a Dr in a couple weeks to see how my gut is doing and what I can do to heal it.

A friend told me about a book called Nourishing Traditions.  At first it was overwhelming.  I've since been slowly implementing it's principles step by step. 

In my research on the internet, I've since figured out why I've had a few health issues such as mild IBS symptoms, Restless Leg Syndrome, among others.  I've been able to minimize those issues whenever I apply NT principles or avoid the Standard American Diet (SAD).  I'm far from perfect in all that I eat but continue to try to work towards my goal of at least 80% real foods.

The more I read about how members of the FDA and CDC being influenced by making money off of medication, vaccines, etc the less I trust what they tell us is best for our health.  It appears that our general health has gotten worse since these organizations were formed.  100 years ago there were hardly any heart problems, ADHD, Autism and various diseases but since these organizations started telling us that margarine is better than butter, etc.  the health of people have declined. I'm determined to research before making decisions except in a true emergency.

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