Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Gardening Carnival Kick-Off

I've only tried gardening twice, trying to grow peas and tomatoes.  My oldest son and I loved picking the peas and eating it right in the garden.  One year I added beans, carrots, pumpkins and 1 watermelon.  The beans and carrots didn't turn out.  I think I left the watermelon out too long because it cracked open.  My hubby didn't like the work and cost that went into it so we turned the plot into a playground.

We recently moved to a house with an unfinished backyard and I knew that we were going to finish the yard in a way to try gardening again.  After all, our youngest has had to eat a lot of fresh or canned fruits and veggies because of his dysbiosis over the last few years and because of my food conversion.

I'm going to be trying Square Foot Gardening this time around.  I feel pretty overwhelmed and have been feeling stressed about reading various blogs about gardening.  I've decided to just sit down TODAY and finish reading the Sq Ft Gardening book I bought last year.  Then if I have more questions, I'll look online and seek advice through my Gardening Carnival that I'll be kicking off next week.

The way I'd like to do the Gardening Carnival is to focus on one vegetable each week or possibly 2x/week.  I'll post what I've learned about it and ask you for help on what has worked for you and which varieties you like.  I hope that focusing on one veggie a week will reduce the stress and increase the likelihood of getting a good harvest from it.

Please join me in an attempt to grow an organic garden and take a step towards nourishing our families.  I'd especially love to hear from those who are in zone 5 which is where I think I am.  Though any tips you all can share would be greatly appreciated!

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday.

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