Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HELP! How to Prepare Organ Meats

I recently ordered a beef heart from US Wellness Meats.  When I went to cut it into pieces and put it in the processor to blend, there were some stiff pieces of what I think was fat?  It seemed like it would be too stiff to process so I cut those off and then I wasn't sure about all the arteries.  So I just went ahead and included those with the rest of the heart.  Then I frozed them into ice cubes.  I didn't prepare them in a certain way like I do with liver by soaking it in lemon juice before processing & freezing.  Should I have done that?

I thought maybe ya'll could comment on what you do for any organ meats so that those of us who have never done it can be more comfortable buying & preparing them.

First, tell how you prep it such as soaking or if it's not needed.
Second, tell if we should be discarding certain parts such as the arteries, fat, etc.   And any other tips you can share.
Lastly, how you cook or eat them.


This post is part of this week's Real Food Wednesday.


  1. I googled heart recipes before I cooked one. I made a very nice beef burgundy type stew with 2 whole hearts. One time I marinated it in a vinagrette during the day and cooked it like steak. It is sort of a cross between steak and liver. I like liver, so I think heart is good too. My husband and 3 kids are not thrilled about it. I think the nutrition outweighs their preferences. If they even eat 1 ounce at dinner, I feel like I have won. Then when they grow up, they might still eat liver and hearts. People who don't eat liver as kids usually don't eat it as adults.

  2. Hey thanks for the idea. Never occurred to me to google recipes. Yours sounds great! Did you cut all the arteries out first or just leave it in?