Thursday, August 12, 2010

Breakfast Woes

Feeling a little frustrated with several things. One is how to get LaLa to eat a healthier breakfast. I stopped buying sugary cereal for my kids last year and have since run out of them in food storage.  I do still buy cereal for my husband because he's not totally on board regarding cereal. Unfortunately Squirrel eats those with hubby.

And LaLa refuses to eat eggs or soaked oats with Tornado, hubby and me or even hubby's cereal in general.

Right now she's been eating canned pears and that's not much to hold her but i guess it's better than cereal.  I wish she would least add cottage cheese to the pears but she hates cottage cheese.  Ohh, I just got an idea... I should try getting her to have toast with grass fed butter on it so that she gets her morning "real fat" serving along with the pears.

A couple months ago, I started making soaked oatmeal pancakes once a week hoping everyone would like it.  LaLa refuses to eat that as well and demands regular pancakes. So I guess my next goal is to find a pancake recipe she'll eat. I'm just not sure I want her to eat pancakes everyday since we still have syrup laden with high fructose corn syrup in food storage.   But I suppose that'd be a good way to get rid of it quicker while stockpiling real maple syrup.  At least the pancakes and butter would be good for her.

The next step after that would be finding a good soaked granola cereal recipe so that hopefully that'll be another option for LaLa and the rest of us to rotate through.

I feel better now.

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